Soft-Story Retrofitting is Absolutely Mandatory in Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles signed the Mandatory Retrofit Program under Ordinance 183893 last November of 2015, prescribing the retrofitting of wooden-framed apartment structures to better withstand unpredicted seismic activities. Buildings that are at risk of complete structural failure in the event of major earthquakes, are to be mandatorily upgraded within a finite time frame. 

As a result of this ordinance, many cities in the region have also required the same soft story retrofit  Los Angeles has passed into law. This is in an effort to reduce the risks of catastrophic devastation and to safeguard residents from possible loss of life that has been inflicted by large earthquakes such as the Northridge quake back in 1994

Getting a soft story retrofit for your building will not only secure the lives of your tenants, and save your property from a costly lawsuit, but it could also reduce your insurance premium. Apart from that, you can get tax breaks, grants, and financial aid to assist you in getting the earthquake-proofing your building needs. If you’re short on budget, you could also get help from your tenants for these upgrades for up to 50%. 


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Below we’ve covered the compliance dates based on the date of receipt of the notice: 

From the receipt of the notice to comply: 

  • 2 years: Submit documents of precious retrofit, and future plans to retrofit, or demolish. 
  • 3 ½ years: Secure permit to begin construction or demolition.
  • 7 years: Finalize retrofit construction and/or repairs.


A building is considered a soft story if it has an open first floor, such as an open storefront, ground-level parking, or subterranean parking, with at least one or more floors. These types of structures are thus required for a soft story retrofit.

Soft story retrofit plans that our team has experience with include, steel moment frame, concrete footing installation, continuity ties installation, plywood shear walls installation, and replacement of finishes as required by the preceding services mentioned. 

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Getting a soft story retrofitting is not an alternative, it’s the law.”

Save yourself from lawsuits by securing a soft story retrofitting as soon as now. We can do an inspection and provide a rough estimate so you can see it for yourself. You’ll be surprised that upgrading your apartment’s foundation doesn’t cost as much as having to face lawsuits or getting an extra premium for insurance. 

While we are confident with our pricing and service quality, it’s best to check if you qualify for government assistance, like the Earthquake Brace + Bolt program, so you can cut back more on costs. 

Our goal is to provide solutions to your problem with a process that’s frustration-free and efficient. Let us help you come up with the right retrofitting plan for your apartment!

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Why does this make us different from the rest? We have encountered lots of apartment owners who come to us with an already planned concept or already drawn-up designs, which, unfortunately, won’t fulfill what they’re looking for. Because we can inspect, engineer, plan, and build, we won’t just do everything without giving any thought to the cost and the end result. Our experts will work with you to help you get exactly what you need at a reasonable cost.

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Our goal is to provide solutions to your problem with a process that’s frustration-free and efficient. Let us help you come up with the right retrofitting plan for your home



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After talking with several contractors, I’m glad I chose to work with Retrofitters Los Angeles for an earthquake retrofit for my three properties. I loved how the team instantly designed a plan that was right for my budget. Many thanks



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