The security of your family and your property must always be a top priority when you live near Southern California, where most major seismic activities have occurred within the past 100 years. This makes it critical for you to upgrade your foundation as early as now. What’s more, insurance policies don’t typically cover earthquakes without paying an extra premium.

Retrofitters Los Angeles offers retrofitting solutions that are not only smart and stable but also affordable. You can say goodbye to paying extra with insurance! Our experts can handle all your residential seismic retrofit, house bolting, and foundational bolting needs.

If your home dates back to the 1940s, it was possibly built without being properly bolted down to the foundation. It’s more than likely that your house may not live up to the updated Los Angeles seismic retrofitting codes and may be at risk of sustaining serious damage during a quake. Seismic retrofitting adds more durability to your home’s foundation, making it more resistant to damage during seismic activity.

Seismic retrofitting can vary for every home, depending on factors such as the site location, frequency of seismic activity, or quality of construction. Here at Retrofitters Los Angeles, we assess your property and design the best solution that answers your specific needs. Typically, this can include the installation of framing anchors and bolting.

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Structural Assessment

The first step is getting an accurate evaluation of your home’s existing foundation. There are many variables to consider when assessing a structure’s integrity, but we typically look at the site location, whether there are unrepaired damages and the construction quality. After taking notes on the structure’s current condition, our team will design a detailed plan and provide a price proposal. The pricing will include the building permit, any required engineering, finishing, and any other additional costs related to removal and replacement.

Anchor Framing

Next, we will prepare engineering drawings to secure a permit and approval and get ready for the pre-construction phase. Once we’ve completed all of these, we’ll proceed with disassembling your worn-out siding or drywall. We then install the bolts and plates to tightly anchor the frame in place. After this, we’ll do a required bolt inspection to ensure it is installed securely.

Wall Bracing

Unsecured pony walls are one of your home’s most vulnerable elements. After insulating the walls, we will position plywood shear walls for added durability. At this point, it’s vital that everything is done perfectly – from the type of nails used, and spacing, to plywood cutting. Rest easy our technicians will do their job as precisely as they can!


The last step to stabilizing the foundation is positioning the framing clips or shear transfer ties to keep the joists bonded. After installing the reinforcements, our experts will move to the final structure inspection.

Repair and Clean

Finally, we will replace the disassembled siding and button up the walls, and ensure the whole structure is paint ready. Once you receive the final invoice, Retrofitters Los Angeles will do one last inspection to ensure everything is placed precisely.


Do not assume retrofitting is not worth the investment! We can do an inspection and provide a rough estimate so you can see it for yourself. You’ll be surprised that upgrading your home’s foundation doesn’t cost as much as doing major construction to rehabilitate your home after devastating earthquake damage. 

While we are confident with our pricing and service quality, it’s best to check if you qualify for government assistance, like the Earthquake Brace + Bolt program, so you can cut back more costs. 

Our goal is to provide solutions to your problem with a process that’s frustration-free and efficient. Let us help you come up with the right retrofitting plan for your home!

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  • We’re a Team of Experienced Professionals

Retrofitters Los Angeles has a team of experienced seismic retrofit engineers and inspection specialists. We offer all types of foundational repairs for your home’s retrofitting needs at competitive prices. We Are Committed to Providing Transparent Service

It is our commitment to offering upfront and transparent service. Unlike other contractors, we do not incentivize our inspection specialists to oversell our repair recommendations. Rest assured we won’t offer you what you don’t need. We’ll show up as scheduled with a comprehensive report and cost estimate on hand so you know for sure what you’re spending your money with.

  • We Custom Design the Exact Solution for Your Needs and Budget

We personalize solutions based on your needs – whether you’re looking for seismic retrofit,  house bolting, or foundational bolting, we got you covered! No matter how big or small your plans are, our experts will find the right balance of safety, affordability, and functionality for you!

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Our goal is to provide solutions to your problem with a process that’s frustration-free and efficient. Let us help you come up with the right retrofitting plan for your home



We just had our newly bought home in east Los Angeles retrofitted by Retrofitters Los Angeles. The team was excellent in answering all our questions and explaining what was being done to our home. We have no complaints as the team showed up as scheduled and fixed the job on time!



After talking with several contractors, I’m glad I chose to work with Retrofitters Los Angeles for an earthquake retrofit for my three properties. I loved how the team instantly designed a plan that was right for my budget. Many thanks



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Retrofitters Los Angeles is not just your typical foundation repair company, we’re a team of like-minded individuals that are committed to providing the best service experience to homeowners & busting the contractor stereotype while doing so. '

Unlike many foundation companies, we do not incentivize our inspection specialists to oversell repair recommendations. Having complete transparency with our projects is our commitment and pride. You can rest easy that our experienced engineers will provide you with the solution you need!