Retrofitters Los Angeles provides a series of retrofitting inspections to identify your retrofitting needs. We offer our services to homeowners, high-rise apartments, low-rise apartments, and mixed commercial-residential, as well as duplexes.


Our Inspection Specialists ensure your home is furnished with the necessary earthquake safety equipment, placed in the right locations, and working well. Retrofit inspections typically assess four main areas:


Inspection of floor separations, dwelling units, and corridors, and ensuring proper impact hazard glazing is installed for sliding glass doors.

Accessible Means of Egress

Making sure the required number of exits isn’t blocked and are available.

Fire Detection & Alarm System

Ensuring fire alarms, smoke alarms, emergency power, and monitoring are working well.


Inspection of the functionality of sprinkler and standpipe systems.


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Structural Assessment

To begin the process, a comprehensive structural inspection is conducted to identify the specific pony walls within the building that require reinforcement. This inspection aims to pinpoint any weaknesses or damages in the pony walls. Once identified, plywood shear panels can be strategically installed to enhance the structural integrity and stability of the identified pony walls.

Inspection Review

Next, the City inspectors will review the project to make sure everything corresponds with the Building Code. They’ll inspect from anchor bolts, framing, and insulation, to electrical and plumbing before the walls will be sealed permanently. Retrofitters Los Angeles will schedule all the inspections and will be the one to talk to the inspectors for you

Final Inspection

After all the structural plans have been achieved, a final inspection is done to assess all the nailing patterns, plywood space, shear transfer ties, and side anchor plates. Finally, upon completion of this step, we’ll provide you with a signed-off inspection report for documentation purposes.


If you’re thinking of buying a property that may be eligible for retrofit requirements, we can do an inspection for you and provide recommended solutions as early as now. This may help you reduce the risks of costly upgrades in the future. 

Our retrofitting inspection fee can vary depending on your goal, but we are confident we can provide you with an estimate that’s right for your needs. 

Our goal is to provide solutions to your problem with a process that’s frustration-free and efficient. Let us help you come up with the right retrofitting inspection plan for your property!

Why choosE uS?

  • We’re a Team of Experienced Professionals

Retrofitters Los Angeles has a team of experienced seismic and soft story inspection specialists. We can provide the retrofitting advice you need!

  • We Are Committed to Providing Transparent Service

We are committed to providing upfront and transparent service. Unlike other contractors, we do not incentivize our inspection specialists to oversell our repair recommendations. Rest assured we won’t offer you what you don’t need. We’ll show up as scheduled with a detailed analysis of your structure and cost estimate on hand so you know for sure what we’re spending your money with.

  • We Custom Design the Exact Solution for Your Needs and Budget

We do full-range inspections so we can provide you with the best seismic retrofit or soft story retrofit solution you need. No matter how big or small your goals are, we ensure to achieve them with the right mix of the right balance of safety, affordability, and functionality

Talk to our representative today to schedule an inspection or request an estimate.


Our goal is to provide solutions to your problem with a process that’s frustration-free and efficient. Let us help you come up with the right retrofitting plan for your home



We just had our newly bought home in east Los Angeles retrofitted by Retrofitters Los Angeles. The team was excellent in answering all our questions and explaining what was being done to our home. We have no complaints as the team showed up as scheduled and fixed the job on time!



After talking with several contractors, I’m glad I chose to work with Retrofitters Los Angeles for an earthquake retrofit for my three properties. I loved how the team instantly designed a plan that was right for my budget. Many thanks



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Retrofitters Los Angeles is not just your typical foundation repair company, we’re a team of like-minded individuals that are committed to providing the best service experience to homeowners & busting the contractor stereotype while doing so. '

Unlike many foundation companies, we do not incentivize our inspection specialists to oversell repair recommendations. Having complete transparency with our projects is our commitment and pride. You can rest easy that our experienced engineers will provide you with the solution you need!